Friday, May 21, 2010

Program Ijazah Luar Negara=Alhamdulillah

Finally,after long crucial waiting,the result for the program ijazah luar negara finally out.I must admit that i was very nervous back then n had totally gave up.

Firstly,i checked the result by 11 am .but the thing that made me sad was they stated that i didnt get the scholarship.While ammar already got medic ireland.

So,i juz lof off n came bck at 3 pm.To add to the problems,jpa still not announced the result.My anger start to rise.haha

Then about 4.30 pm,i entered the ic for hundred time i think.N finally,there it was.My permohonan was accepted.I couldnt tell my feelings.It was like moon fall to my riba.=D

I got the jpa scholarship.The course is pharmacy n insyaAllah,i will do it in Australia after finished the preparation programme at INTEC.

Thanks for the God which granted me this precious scholarship.U always planned the best for me .Thanks also for my parents n friends which gave n give me support all this while.I will never forget u all.N pray for me so i will pass preparation programme at INTEC Shah Alam.

So,for all my frens,congrats for getting jpa's.

Ammar D Adnan=Medic Ireland

Nuramirah Adilah=Medic United Kingdom

n For frens dat will go to asasi,i wish u luck.will miss u all badly.

For Ammar,Hafifi,Jenson,remember.we have matches tomorrow.Hafifi,make sure u wake up early.or else i will bomb ur house.haha


  1. hi hi, my mum might will teach you there


  2. her nickname is MJ. She teaches Math there and now teaches on American Program. I got MARA Jordan. Congrats


  3. owh..ok2..later on i will find her..thanx n congratz for u too..where will u study?n u are not penceroboh.huhu

  4. thank you, for a preparation, i will be placed in UniKL MESTECH in Kajang. Will you stay in UM in the meantime? I will stay in UiTM until I get the confirmation letter for a month maybe. Just can't wait to study anything,


  5. Salam. wahhh Tahniah bro!
    kalau aku tuh, dah lompat gila-gila dah.
    tahniah tahniah! ;]

    Eh aku ade kenal sorang abang ney. dulu dia buat kat intec jugak. farmasi jugak. australia jugak. nama dia Amirrudin. sekarang belajar di tahun ke-2 dekat University of South Australia. dia ada blog jugak, kot nye la kau nak tanya dia pape, --->

  6. hanna =owh..,i think i wont stay in Um.bcoz the date of register is tomorrow.I want to stay at home n google-ing for ausmat.Need to really ready for,i wish u luck k..=D

  7. saya kerink=thanks..huhu..t aku tgk r blog tu...risau gak xd geng yg g sme kos ni..kang blur je..hhu

  8. saya pun mendapat tawaran yang sama........... nanti berjumpa la kita

  9. same?meaning pharmacy,intec,ausmat?
    ade fb?


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